About Me

Hi, I’m Daphne,

an entrepreneur and a certified aromatherapist who is deeply driven by the desire to achieve balance in life. With my years of experience, I have been learning the art of exploring various holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. My mission is to help others reach their full potential by sharing my understanding of these powerful practices. I believe that a balanced and fulfilled life is achievable for everyone and it is my pleasure to guide others on their journey towards a holistic life. Join me and let’s embark together on this wonderful mission.

First half life

The first half of my life was mostly smooth. I studied hard, worked hard, and focused on the current and future. I did not want to regret my life path when I got old. I graduated from college, then worked as a marketing specialist for ten years. Next, I founded my trading company with my life partner. We developed our business successfully, with everything working out better than I expected.  


Unfortunately, I faced my midlife crisis when in my 40s. My most loved father passed away. My mom was depressed as she lost her life direction and support. She stuck herself at home daily and could not eat and sleep well. At times she wanted to commit suicide.

At the same time, my business suffered a substantial financial loss, and I lost several large customers. Physically I suffered from candida for years and started to experience different menopausal symptoms, including aching all over my body, hair loss, etc. The worst was that I felt very guilty about the sudden death of my father. I kept blaming myself that I did not take care of my father well enough before he passed away. I was exhausted and depressed.

Starting Over

I realized I had to start looking forward and thinking about what I should do. I needed a plan for how to face the rest of my life. I honestly wished my brain could be reprogrammed and that I could find a creative way to restart my life. This was my turning point. 

As my father was a Chinese doctor and cared for my health, I realized I must take responsibility for my health. I decided to study naturopathy and aromatherapy. I also started an intensive three month long cleansing process to reset my immune system and clean the candida. 

As mom struggled with depression, she resisted all treatments and all helpful suggestions. She suffered the most from insomnia and could not make herself relax. I was only two weeks into my six months long aromatherapy and massage training when I realized I should try massage therapy on my mom. It was almost like a miracle happening. When I first touched her shoulders, she melted by my soft and warm hands. She could feel my love flowing into her body and heart. Finally, she slept like a baby. After 2 months of my aromatherapy massage treatments, my mom regained her energy and was strong enough to do some exercises and gradually get over her depression. Her spirit was lifting, and mine was also lifting. 

I was amazed to see and feel that my hands could transmit my care and love to my mom. It was the beginning of my connection to her and others. 


I continued enhancing my aromatherapy knowledge. I followed the world renowned French aromatherapy experts, including Pierre Francomme, Dr. Daniel Penoel, Patty Canac, and Dr. Aude Maillard. All of these professionals treat patients in their clinics and public hospitals.   

Dr. Daniel Penoel has been my life changing teacher. He created Quantum Aromatherapy which is a holistic approach to using essential oils based on the connection of the photons and the human mind. Yes, essential oils interact with the photon energy in our bodies, which in turn affects our minds and emotions.     

I have learned and practiced touch therapy, musical therapy, crystal energy healing, awareness dance, and others. My passion and practice are to make use of all I learned to help my family and my friends.     

I was doing yoga regularly for years but could not really meditate, which is a core skill in yoga. I had heard that spiritual practices could open the brain and improve one’s seeing. After some research and recommendations, I started my spiritual quest by attending several programs. Altogether, these experiences really awakened me to myself and to the world. 

With a refreshed outlook, I again began my meditation. Practicing daily, I improved, and my meditation got easier and much deeper. The result is that I can see things in new, more positive, and expansive ways both during meditation and throughout the day. I am moving towards new levels of peace, awareness, and clarity. 

To see, To be free

Now it is natural for me to listen and follow my heart, exploring and developing myself. I am now able to focus and see little changes in myself, including my breathing, my posture, my body temperature, and even my emotions. I have developed the ability to see these during my daily activities, such as walking, eating, working, and communicating with others. I am seeing all these results in awareness. Then I like to step back, review and understand all these changes. As I accept them, I feel freedom. Then I continue to explore myself further for any improvements naturally.

I have regained my strength for the second half of my life. I am staying in the inner peace state. Now I have the mission to share my experience and knowledge here on my blog.

Join me, and we will journey toward a balanced and fulfilled life.