Botanical Name Arnica montana L. 
Botanical family Asteraceae 
Origin the pastures of mountainous regions in Europe 
Plant part  Flowers
Appearance viscous liquid 
Color dark amber 
Odor fresh and herbaceous, characteristic of fresh Arnica 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil  thymohydroqumone dimethyl ether, a “pool” of sesquiterpene lactones from the group of pseudo-guaianolides and their esters, varying in its proportions according to the botanical and geographical origins; the heavy, non-volatile fraction comprises long chain alkanes, C10, C15 and C30 terpenoids, phytosterols, etc.   
Therapeutic properties Absolute is indicated for external use as “vulnerary”, due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-ecchymotic and analgesic properties; and to treat bruises and bruises, insect bites, sprains and osteoarthritis pain.   The presence of methyl-y-lactones is very often responsible for allergic dermatitis, which limits its use.   
Main therapeutic indications  
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