Black Spruce

Botanical Name Picea mariana 
Botanical family Pinaceae 
Origin Canada 
Method Complete distillation by steam distillation  
Plant part Needles 
Note Middle Top 
Appearance limpid mobile liquid 
Color pale yellow to pale yellow-green 
Odor resinous, fresh, woody, with slightly fruity notes 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Monoterpenes (50–55%): pinene, camphene, carene
Esters (30–35%): bornyl acetate 
Therapeutic properties  1. Endocrine tonic for the hypophyso-cortico-adrenal (cortisone-like) and hypophyso-ovarian
2. Antispasmodic
3. Anti-inflammatory
4. Analgesic  
5. Balsamic  
Main therapeutic indications  1. Bronchitis and pulmonary infections  
2. Prostatitis  
3. Acne, eczema, psoriasis
4. General asthenia, tiredness
5. Muscular rheumatism and osteoarthritis
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