Damask Rose Petals  

Botanical Name Rosa x damascena Mill. f. trigintipetala (Dieck.) P. Keller 
Botanical family Rosaceae 
Origin Bulgaria, Turkey (Anatolia), Morocco 
Plant part  
Appearance viscous liquids 
Color more or less dark red-orange 
Odor a typical rose scent, rich with warm, spicy, fruity, green, herbaceous notes  Bulgaria more flowery Turkey more fruity  Morocco more plump 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil The volatile fraction of the absolute comprises, on the one hand, a base by weight, essential for the perfume, formed of terpene (z15%) and aromatic alcohols (38% of 2-phenylethanol); And on the other hand by a set of minor constituents or traces, sometimes almost undetectable, but olfactory powerful, creating the richness and the smoothness of the perfume, as well as the differences between  the places of origin.     
Nota bene – The composition of “essential oil called rose” Otto “differs from that of the absolute, in particular by the high rate and the almost total absence of 2-phenylethanol, very water-soluble 
Therapeutic properties Its psychotropic effects: brings physical and mental well-being    Its neurotropic and general effects: relaxation   
Main therapeutic indications  
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