Rose de Mai

Botanical Name Rosa Centifolia 
Botanical family Cabbage Rose 
Origin Morocco, France, Pakistan 
Plant part ¬†Flower
Biochemical composition of the essential oil  
Therapeutic properties 1. Local anesthesia inhibits vasoconstriction, relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, and dilates the bronchi.
2. Promote the secretion of endorphins and serotonin in the brain
3. Inhibit abnormal proliferation of lymphocytes, strengthen the heart (protect the heart from chemotherapy drugs), antioxidant, and anti-tumor
4. Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, body odor removal, fever reducing
Main therapeutic indications 1. Migraine, increased blood pressure caused by emotional stimulation, heart pain, gastrointestinal cramps, throat tightness, cough
2. One is negative, self-defeating, depressed and emotional
3. Acute lymphocytic leukemia, chemotherapy patients, heart disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer
4. Inexplicable swelling and itching of the skin, extreme dryness, body odor, and unexplained fever
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