Botanical Name Plumeria acutifolia Poir.  
Botanical family Apocynaceae 
Origin India, Asia and the Philippines.   
Plant part  
Appearance a viscous to pasty 
Color yellowish-orange to orange-brown 
Odor heavy-smelling, warm, exotic odor, with varied and somewhat greasy floral notes 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil The volatile fraction of the absolute is organized around a large pole of more than 40% alcohol. of which linalool 37%) and its trans-linalool oxides (10%), accompanied by nitrogenous compounds, as well as a very small amount of lactones giving it its characteristic floral-fruity note (peach, coconut, etc.): ô
– and γ-decalactones (0.30 and 0.05%), γ-hexa- and dodecalactones (0.05% each).    
The ointment smells very much of the live flower, with a typical salicylate note; the headspace of the product is composed of about 80% alcohols, halved between linalool and 2-phenyl ethanol, plus the other molecules already mentioned in the absolute, 4,8, 12-trimethyl-1, 3 (E), 7 (E), 11-tridecatetraene.   
Therapeutic properties brings calm and serenity   Its neurotropic and general effects   
Main therapeutic indications  
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