Botanical NameFerula gummosa
Botanical familyApiaceae
Method:Distillation by steam distillation
Plant partResin
Appearanceclear, mobile liquid
Odorgreen, bitter, earthy, coniferous, balsamic 
Biochemical composition of the essential oilMain biochemical constituents – Gas phase chromatography:
Monoterpenes: beta-pinene,  delta-3-carene, alpha-pinene, myrcene
Therapeutic properties1. Anti-infection, antibacterial, swelling reduction
2. Replenish body, antioxidant, strengthen memory
3. Strengthen the genitourinary tract and stimulate menstruation (estrogen-like activity)
4. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, slight anti-spasmodic, inhibiting local membrane potential effects
Main therapeutic indications1. Cough, cold, ulcer, abscess, lymphadenopathy
2. Top-heavy (external use), feeling like the ship is going to capsize at any time, confusion
3. Leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea
4. Joint pain, colic, epilepsy

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