Botanical NameKunzea ambigua
Botanical familyMyrtaceae
OriginAustralia (Tasmania)
MethodComplete distillation by steam distillation 
Plant partLeafy branches
Appearanceclear mobile liquid
Colorcolorless to light yellow
Orderfresh, resinous, spicy, with notes of cinnamon
Biochemical compositionof the essential oilMonoterpenes: alpha-pinene
Sesquiterpenes: bicyclogermacrene, calamenene
Sesquiterpenols: globulol, viridiflorol
Oxides: 1,8-cineole
Therapeutic properties1. Anti-virus, anti-superbugs
2. Wound healing, relieve itching, intravenous injection to reduce swelling of veins
3. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory
4. Calm nerves
Main therapeutic indications1. Flu symptoms
2. Bruises, burns, eczema, skin detoxification, chemotherapy or other intravenous injections
3. Gout, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle aches, headaches, tough times, heavy work, deadlines

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