Magnolia Blossom 

Botanical Name Michelia Alba 
Botanical family Magnoliaceae 
Origin China, India 
Method Complete distillation by steam distillation  
Plant part Flowers 
Appearance limpid mobile liquid 
Color light yellow 
Odor typical, fruity, slightly lemony, characteristic 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Monoterpenes : (Z) beta-ocimene
Monoterpenols : linalool
Sesquiterpenes : beta-elemene, beta-caryophyllene
Phenols methyl ether : methyl-eugenol
Esters : 2-methyl-butanoate
Therapeutic properties  1. Relieves cough and resolves phlegm
2. Open the chest to relieve depression and resist spasm 3. Dehumidification, turbidity, antibacterial, anti-candida and anti-inflammatory 4. Calming the nerves
Main therapeutic indications  1. Cough, whooping cough, rhinitis, runny nose, blocked nose, heat stroke, chest tightness, stagnation of breath and abdominal distension, motion sickness and seasickness, spleen-damp leucorrhea, body odor, skin sensitivity
2. Heart palpitations, nervousness, mind racing
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