Mimosa Flowers  

Botanical Name Acacia decurrens var. mollis  
Botanical family Mimosaceae 
Origin Morocco   
Plant part  
Color yellow-green solid 
Odor floral, green, sweet odor with characteristic tenacious notes 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil The volatile odoriferous fraction, representing absolute, is a dusting of compounds, 130 identified, including cis-jasmone and [3-damascone in trace amounts only, on a fatty hydrocarbon basis,. fatty alcohols and their esters, as well as fatty aldehydes, without forgetting the benzylic VOCs.   
Therapeutic properties 1. Anti-inflammation, antioxidant, inhibit tyrosinase
2. Inhibit androgen receptor information, inhibit NF-kB, and resist cell mutation
3. Inhibit TH2 lymphocytes, reduce the secretion of interleukin IL-4, protect the kidneys, and resist malarial parasites.
4. Reduce bad cholesterol LDL and inhibit biological enzyme PTP-1B
Main therapeutic indications 1. Arthritis, wound repair after plastic surgery, lightening of skin tone
2. 1-Reduce the mortality and recurrence rate of prostate cancer, resolve the side effects of chemotherapy, skin melanoma, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer
3. Asthma, kidney stones, malaria
4. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes
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