Botanical Name Citrus bergamia 
Botanical family Rutaceae 
Origin Italy, Africa 
Method: Cold pressed 
Plant part Peel 
Note Top 
Appearance mobile liquid
Color  Green-yellow 
Smell rich, sweet and fruity
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Monoterpenes (60%): limonene, pinene, camphene  
Esters (30%): linalyl acetate 
Alcohol: linalool, geraniol 
Aliphatic aldehydes: citral Furocoumarin: bergaptene 
Therapeutic properties 1. Calming, relaxing, sedative  
2. Stomachic 
3. Antispasmodic
4. Environmental antiseptic
5. Psychoactive
Main therapeutic indications 1. Agitation, stress, excitation, insomnia
2. Loss of appetite, spastic colitis  
3. Bulimia
4. Dermatosis with depigmentation: vitiligo
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