Clove Leaf 

Botanical Name Syzygium aromaticum 
Botanical family Myrtaceae 
Origin Madagascar 
Method Distillation by steam distillation
Plant part Leaves
Appearance mobile liquid 
Color yellow to light brown 
Odor aromatic, spicy, powerful, close to cloves 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Phenol:  eugenol
Sesquiterpenes: beta-caryophyllene
Esters: eugenyl acetate
Therapeutic properties  
Main therapeutic indications 1. Anti-infective
2. Indigestion, stomach cramps
3. Protect Stomach
4. Canker sores, guminflammation, tooth abscesses
5. Skin abscesses, onychamycosis(fungal infection of feet and nails)
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