Botanical Name Eucalyptus globulus 
Origin India 
Method: Complete distillation by steam distillation and rectification by successive distillation 
Plant part Sheets 
Note Top 
Appearance limpid mobile liquid. May confuse slightly. 
Color Colorless to very pale yellow. 
Odor fresh, characteristic of eucalyptol (1,8-cineole) 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Oxides (75–85%): 1,8-cineole 
Sesquiterpenols (10%): globulol, ledol  
Sesquiterpenes (10%): aromadendrene  
Monoterpenes (5–10%): pinenes 
Therapeutic properties 1. Anticatarrhal, expectorant  
2. Atmospheric antiseptic
3. Antiviral
4. Anthelmintic  
5. Antifungal
6. Antibacterial  
Main therapeutic indications 1. Bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchopneumonia
2. Otitis, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis
3. Influenza, catarrh, colds  
4. Infectious dermatosis
5. Parasitic infections of the skin and intestines
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