Botanical Name Cedrelopsis grevei 
Botanical family Lauraceae 
Origin Madagascar 
Method Complete distillation by steam distillation  
Plant part Bark 
Appearance  limpid mobile liquid 
Color light yellow to orange 
Smellwoody, balsamic and pleasant 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Sesquiterpenes: ishwarane , alpha-copaene , delta-cadinene, alpha-selinene, beta-caryophyllene
Therapeutic properties 1. Anti-inflammatory, skin care, antioxidant
2. Anti-tumor
3. Improve venous circulation
4. Anti-Plasmodium falciparum, antipyretic
Main therapeutic indications 1. Dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, skin color
2. breast cancer
3. Varicose veins
4. Malaria, fever
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