Botanical Name Mentha spicata L.
Botanical familyLamiaceae
Origin India 
Method: Complete distillation by steam distillation  
Plant part Aerial parts 
Note Middle – Top 
Appearance limpid, mobile liquid 
Color light yellow 
Odor fresh, aromatic, herbaceous, minty, with notes of chlorophyll 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Monoterpenes: limonene
Monoterpenols: menthol
Monoterpenones : carvone, (Z)-dihydrocarvone + (E) dihydrocarvone
Oxides:  1,8-cineole
Therapeutic properties 1. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic (acts on the medulla oblongata and cerebellum), anti-tumor
2. Anti-mucosal inflammation and digestion of mucus
3. Choleretic, promotes bile secretion, and aids digestion
4. Promote wound healing, anti-fungal, anti-biofilm, anti-MRSA, anthelmintic (trypanosomiasis, Ixodes ticks) 
Main therapeutic indications 1. Neuralgia, shingles pain, prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, neuroblastoma
2. Chronic and acute bronchitis, inflammation of respiratory mucosa
3. Difficulty in digestion, lack of bile
4. Wounds, scars, cystitis, damp and moldy areas, improving environmental hygiene in hospitals and clinics, preventing insect bites outdoors 
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