Red Myrtle

Botanical NameMyrtus communis L. myrtenylacetatiferum
Botanical familyMyrtaceae
MethodComplete distillation by steam distillation
Plant partLeaves and stems
Appearanceclear mobile liquid
Colorlight yellow to yellow
Smellfresh and woody
Biochemical compositionof the essential oilMonoterpenes: alpha-pinene, limonene
Monoterpenols: linalool
Oxides: 1,8-cineole
Terpene esters:  myrtenyl acetate, geranyl acetate
Phenols methyl-ether methyl-eugenol
Therapeutic properties1. Antibacterial, anti-candida, antiviral (the effect of a- clove hydrocarbon), mosquito killer
2. Anti-spasmodic
3. Lower blood sugar, clear veins and lymph nodes
4. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Main therapeutic indications1. Root canal treatment of teeth, respiratory and urinary tract infections, staying in areas with serious environmental pollution
2. Gastrointestinal discomfort caused by stress, menstrual discomfort caused by excessive fatigue
3. Craving sweets, edema, and varicose veins caused by an industrious lifestyle
4. Sagging skin

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