Botanical Name Artemisia dracunculus 
Botanical family Asteraceae (formerly Compositae)  
Origin Hungary 
Method Complete distillation by steam distillation  
Plant part Flowered aerial parts 
Note Top-middle 
Appearance limpid mobile liquid 
Color colorless to light yellow 
Odor aniseed, characteristic of tarragon 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Ethers (65%): methyl chavicol  
Monoterpenes (15%): ocimene  
Therapeutic properties  1. Neuromuscular antispasmodic
2. Hepatic antiallergenic
3. Analgesic
4. Supports the parasympathetic nervous system
5. Stomachic, aperitif, antiemetic
Main therapeutic indications  1. Digestive spasms: hiccoughs, wind, colitis and spasmodic diarrhoea   
2. Infantile colic
3. Nervous tics, panic attacks, spasmophilia 
4. Gynaecological spasms and pains: painful periods, dysmenorrhoea 
5. Nausea: all types
6. Kidney and gallstone colics
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