Botanical Name Boronia megastigma β-iononifera Nees ex Bart 
Botanical family Rutaceae 
Origin Tasmania and New Zealand 
Method Flower
Plant part  
Odor sweet 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Trans-B-ionone (18-28%), (+)
– u-ionone, dihydro- P-ionone (17%),
-5,6-epoxy-ionone   Dodecanol (2.3%)   
Dodecyl acetate (5%)   
Cis-methyljasmonate (3.84.3%), methylisojasmonate    
Heptadec-8-ene (18-28%)   
Therapeutic properties 1. Anti-spasmodic
2. Inhibit tumor cell growth and resist metastasis
3. Pheromone effect
Main therapeutic indications 1. Chest tightness, cough caused by air conditioning, heaviness in the abdomen caused by premenstrual syndrome
2. Breast cancer, liver cancer, leukemia
3. Lack of sexual attraction, lack of sexual interest
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