Botanical Name Viola odorata L. var. Victoria cv “Luxanne” 
Botanical family Violaceae 
Origin Asia Minor, the south of France, Italy and Egypt 
Plant part Sheets 
Appearance oily liquid 
Color dark greenish yellow 
Odor with a fine etheric odor in the top note, pleasant, penetrating, not very reminiscent of the flower   
Biochemical composition of the essential oil  The volatile fraction is a mixture of ionones - Known as parmone and the so-called violet leaf alcohol and aldehyde.   
Therapeutic properties 1. Relax your nerves and help you sleep
2. Anti-tumor (the most famous function of violet)
3. Remove PM2.5 adhering to the lungs and alveoli
4. Digest stones
Main therapeutic indications 1. Long-term insomnia (people who rely on drug sleep aids)
2. Lung cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, bowel cancer
3. Chronic bronchitis, dry cough
4. Kidney stones, gallstones
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