Wild Chamomile 

Botanical Name Cladanthus mixtus 
Botanical family Asteraceae 
Origin Morocco 
Plant part  
Appearance viscous liquid with yellow-green reflections 
Color brown 
Odor a fresh, herbaceous scent, light camphor, fruity, spicy, honeyed, with a soft, balsamic and amber background 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil    
Therapeutic properties 1. Nourish the liver
2. Antibacterial (E. coli), kill parasites (pinworms, amoeba)
3. Anti-infection
4. Replenish body, strengthen nerves, aphrodisiac
Main therapeutic indications 1. Hepatic insufficiency, gastric insufficiency, dry eczema, skin itching
2. Escherichia coli colitis, intestinal parasites, reticular cysts
3. Sexually transmitted diseases, gonococcosis, Escherichia coli cystitis, prostatitis
4. Sexual dysfunction, depression 
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