Ylang-Ylang Complete Or Extra

Botanical Name Cananga odorata 
Botanical family Anonaceae  
Origin Madagascar 
Method Steam distillation, 3rd distillate 
Plant part Flowers 
Note Base-middle 
Appearance opalescent oily liquid 
Color pale yellow to dark yellow 
Odor characteristic, flowery, exotic and jasmine 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Alcohols (50–55%): linalool 
Esters (15–20%): geranyl acetate, benzyl acetate
Phenyl methyl ethers (15%): para-cresol methyl ether 
Therapeutic properties  1. Antispasmodic
2. Rebalances the nervous and sexual systems
3. Morphine-like potential through its effects on the central nervous system   
4. Calming, relaxing, sedative
5. Antiarrhythmic
6. Analgesic
Main therapeutic indications  1. Disturbances in cardiac rhythm: palpitations, extrasystoles, arrhythmia   
2. Sexual weakness, frigidity, sexual blockage  
3. Severe and stabbing pain: toothache, cancer pain, end-of-life pain
4. An attack of ‘the blues’, a passing depression, sleep problems
5. Help with ‘letting go’, hypnosis 
6. Dull hair  
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