Gardenia Flowers 

Botanical Name Gardeniajasminoides Ellis f. ovalifolia 
Botanical family Rubiaceae 
Origin India, China, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico 
Plant part  
Appearance viscous liquid 
Odor with an intense, very jasmine scent 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil The volatile fraction is complex, with 70 identified compounds:   
6-jasmonelaetone (8-17%)   Linalool (8-12%),
u-terpineol   Linalyl, styrealyl acetates, cis-3 hexenyl tiglate (3-10%)    
α -farnesene (12-18%)   acetic, tiglic, benzoic acids   
Therapeutic properties Its psychotropic effects: soothes the mind, leads to spirituality, delivers a message of love   
Main therapeutic indications  
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