India Tuberose Flower  

Botanical Name Polianthes tuberosa
Botanical family Amaryllidaceae 
Origin India and China 
Method Extraction with volatile solvent then washing with alcohol, and concentration.
Plant part  Flower
Appearance a thick to pasty, even semi-crystallized liquid 
Color reddish-brown to dark brown 
Odor with a floral scent reminiscent of jasmine with fruity, spicy, honeyed, oily notes, but can become heady or even nauseous 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil  balanced on two major poles, one quantitative, that of aromatic esters (z 30%), including methyl and benzyl benzoates, the other qualitative in terms of the olfactory impact, that of γ-lactones (<2%), including 5- and 4-decanolides, and ô-lactones (x), including cis-jasmine lactone, molecules associated with nitrogen compounds (E 3%), including formyl Methyl anthranylate and N-methyl methyl anthranilate, indole and methyl and ethyl nicotinates, all on a fatty ester basis (z 20%).   
Therapeutic properties  
Main therapeutic indications  
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