Ledum Or LabradorTea  

Botanical Name Ledum groenlandicum 
Botanical family Ericaceae 
Origin Canada 
Method Complete distillation by steam distillation 
Plant part Leafy twigs 
Appearance clear, fluid and mobile liquid 
Color colorless to pale yellow 
Odor herbaceous (smell of cut grass), wild, sweet and astringent 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Sesquiterpenols: ledol 
Monoterpenes: pinenes, sabinene, terpinene, germacrene D  
Therapeutic properties Decongestant ++ 
Antihistamine ++ 
Hepatocellular drainage and regeneration ++++  
Anti-inflammatory ++ 
Renal drainage ++ 
Antiallergy (oral administration) +++ 
Main therapeutic indications  Allergies (generalised effect, oral administration) ++++
Excessive nervousness, insomnia, nervous spasms +++
Lymphangitis, adenitis +++ 
Nephritis, kidney stones +++ 
Poisoning (all kinds) ++++ 
Hepatic insufficiency, sequelae of viral hepatitis +++  
Cancers +++  
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