Botanical NameLeptospermum scoparium
Botanical familyMyrtaceae
OriginNew Zealand
MethodComplete distillation by steam distillation
Plant partBranches
Appearanceclear, fluid and mobile liquid
Colorcolorless to pale yellow
Smellsweet and very pleasant
Biochemical compositionof the essential oilSesquiterpenes: (Z)-calamenene, alpha-copaene, (E)-muurolla-3,5-diene
Cyclic triketones: isoleptospermone, leptospermone, flavesone
Therapeutic properties1. Protect the nervous system, regulate nerve conduction – substances such as histamine, anti-spasmodic
2. Promote skin and mucous membrane tissue regeneration
3. Anti-skin infection, anti-herpes simplex virus! and type Ⅱ
4. Pheromone-like, enhance sexual attraction, resist skin mold
Main therapeutic indications1. Post-traumatic stress syndrome
2. Skin allergies, all skin problems caused by emotions
3. Cold sores, genital herpes
4. Vaginal itching and excessive discharge

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