Botanical Name Citrus limon 
Botanical family Rutaceae 
Origin Italy 
Method: Cold pressed 
Plant part Peel 
Note Top 
Appearance limpid mobile liquid. May confuse slightly. 
Color yellow-green 
Odor fresh, pleasant, sweet and lemony 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Monoterpenes (60–80%): limonene, terpinene
Sesquiterpenes (3–4%): bisabolene  
Aliphatic aldehydes (2–3%): geranial  
Furocoumarins (2%): bergapten, psoralen 
Therapeutic properties 1. Contact and atmospheric antiseptic
2. Vitamin P: diminution of capillary permeability and increase in capillary resistance
3. Anticoagulant + Antilithiatic ++ Stomachic, carminative
Main therapeutic indications 1. Minor digestive and hepatic insufficiency  
2. Kidney and vesicular stones
3. Haemolysis, venous insufficiency
4. Air disinfectant
5. During times of contagious viral illnesses
6. Liver and kidney drainage
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