Botanical Name Cymbopogon martinii  
Botanical family Poaceae 
Origin India, Nepal 
Method Steam distillation  
Plant part Grass 
Note Middle 
Appearance mobile, limpid liquid 
Color pale yellow 
Odor fresh, sweet, flowery, close to rose 
Biochemical composition of the essential oil Alcohols (80–90%): geraniol, linalool 
Esters (10–20%): geranyl acetate, geranyl formate 
Therapeutic properties  Major wide-spectrum anti-infective +++  
General nerve and cardiac stimulant ++  
Uterotonic +++ 
Neuro-dermo-endocrine decongestant ++  
Analgesic ++ 
Main therapeutic indications Sinusitis, otitis, influenza, sore throats ++  
Pharyngitis, bronchitis +++ 
Infectious diarrhoea +++ 
Childbirth (induces and stimulates) +++  
Painful breast engorgement +++  
Urethritis, cystitis, vaginitis, salpingitis +++  
Infectious dermatosis +++ 
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