Botanical NamePetroselinum sativum (syn. Petroselinum crispum)
Botanical familyApiaceae
MethodComplete distillation by steam distillation
Plant partSeeds
Appearanceclear mobile liquid
Colorcolorless to pale yellow
Smellfresh, sweet and pleasant
Biochemical compositionof the essential oilMonoterpenes  :  alpha-pinene, beta-pinene
Ethers-oxides :  myristicin, apiole , elemicin
Phenyl propanes  : 1,2,3,4 tetramethoxy-5-allyl-benzene
Therapeutic properties1. Strengthen nerves (motivation effect)
2. Strengthen muscles, protect uterus, and stimulate menstruation.
3. Anti-viral (HSV-1), liver-nourishing (inhibiting macrophage secretion of TNF-a), anti-tumor
4. Promote blood circulation in the digestive tract, eliminate phlegm, act as acaricide, and anti-malarial parasite
Main therapeutic indications1. Weak willpower, unable to resist temptation
2. Genitourinary tract infection, urethritis, leucorrhea, absent menstruation, oligomenorrhea
3. Herpes, long-term drug users, excessive exposure to chemical agents, cervical cancer, human neuroblastoma
4. Digestive disorders, asthma, allergies to house dust mites, malaria

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